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Testimonials for Rainbows Prince George

The Children Say

"I always come out of Rainbows feeling happier." -- 7 year old child

"RAINBOWS helped me to let everything out and take away the pain and anguish." -- 9 year old child

"It helped me to understand and express my feelings and that makes me happier." -- 8 year old child

"In RAINBOWS I learned how to forgive and to help people in my family to forgive and get on with our lives." -- 12 year old child

"I wish RAINBOWS would go on forever and help other kids who have problems." -- 11 year old child

"I like SPECTRUM because it gave me a chance to listen to and talk to people my own age who are also going through hard stuff. It helped me realize that I'm not so different from everyone. We had awesome discussions and there was great support." -- 16 year old

The Parents Say:

"My children and I entered the RAINBOWS program three years ago and it has been just that, a rainbow of hope for us all.  The facilitators in both the RAINBOWS and PRISM programs are dedicated volunteers who have been wonderfully supportive of myself and my girls.  Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for everyone involved with RAINBOWS. They will forever have a place in my heart and my children and I will be stronger and healthier because of them and the RAINBOWS program." -- Parent

"My daughter has dramatically changed for the better since being involved in RAINBOWS. She has become happy and healthy again." -- Parent

"PRISM has helped me regain my self-esteem and self-worth, to learn that I'm not alone and that I can make it even through tough times ahead." -- Parent